toxophilite      a devotee of archery; archer.

Our Club has a Field Archery Range and a (summer only) Woods Archery Range.

The Field Archery Range is situated by the Clubhouse on the open field and uses butts situated at 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 yards. These butts are not built to withstand hits by broad-head tips nor crossbow bolts.



The Woods Archery Range entrance is adjacent to the handgun range. There are currently 8 firing locations, with 2 stuffed bags at each firing location.



The bags at each firing station are identified (strangely enough) as a NEAR bag and a FAR bag. If the archer is confident in placing all his shots in the bags, then he/she should fire with either foot touching the designated, numbered stake. The target distance in yards below is derived from the appropriate stake.


If there is any doubt about your arrows hitting the bags, then advance to a comfortable distance before loosing shafts. These bags will handle only field tips (no broadheads, please). Most shots are into rising terrain.



For scoring, if you break a circle edge, you can jump to the higher score. Any arrow outside of the black ring and embedded in the bag counts as 1 point. The current high score (for 3 arrows shot at each bag) is 156 (max points 240). Let me know when this score is exceeded (so I can update the web site . . . and present a challenge to others).

Should you require an excursion beyond a target bag to look for an arrow, hang your bow on the target bag - and/or leave your shooting buddy at the firing line - so that other archers don't commence firing while you are down-range!


The Club possesses some equipment that can be used by anyone curious about the sport.